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We've been in business since 1883

The C.V. Mason Insurance agency is a local family owned independent Insurance agency. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible coverage at the best possible price. We have 11 Major Insurance companies which allow us to get the best deal for you. Our fully licensed staff will provide you the customer service you deserve. We have been insuring families and businesses since 1883 and aren’t going anywhere. We will be here when you need us, just a click or a phone call away.


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The Beginning

The Mason Family has been in the Insurance Business long before 1883. Carlos Luke Mason operated an insurance office in the Unionville area before the Civil War. His son, Carlos V. Mason, succeeded him and came to Bristol in 1882. He was befriended by local merchant Adrian Muzzy. His office was above Muzzy’s Store located at the corner of Main Street and Riverside Ave.



In 1886, Mason relocated in an office over The Bristol National Bank on Main Street, next to the Gridley House, a popular hostelry of the times. Sometime after 1900 William Neubauer joined the agency as a partner.


On the Road

In 1902 C.V. Mason was one of the seven people in Bristol to own a car. Prior to the onset of the auto, real estate comprised over half of the business. As a result of the popularity of the automobile, changes in insurance and real estate soon followed. The insurance volume which was 50% of the business in the early 1900’s grew to 100% in 1992 when the agency ceased involvement in the real estate business.


Moving On

In 1916 the agency moved again to 9 Prospect Street, next to C. Funk Furniture Store. The agency remained there until 1963. During the year of 1920 C.V. Mason’s son joined the agency, C.H. Mason. Subsequently C.H. Mason purchased the interest of William Neubauer and became partners with his father. Unfortunately, in 1937 C.V. Mason was killed after being struck by a train.



In 1950 C.E. Mason joined the agency. Sometime before 1963 the agency purchased the building it now occupies from former partner William Neubauer. In 1961, the agency bought the Edward Smith Insurance Agency. Smith continued to work in the agency until his death in 1977, at the age of 87.


Tough Losses

Two other losses to the company occurred during those years. Richard Johnson, a valuable employee, died at a young age and C.E. Mason’s father, C.H. Mason passed away. This left C.E. Mason to run the agency. In the mid-seventies, Robert Van Gorder joined the agency and remained until retiring in 1994. Also retiring in 1992 was C.E. Mason, the last direct descendant of the founder, C.L. Mason.


Still Growing

In 1995, the agency acquired the Wood Agency located in Terryville, Connecticut. The Wood Agency also has a long and well-established history from the primary principals of Josiah Wood to Burt Oelschlegel to Thomas Shively. In 1997 the agency acquired the Kloss Agency and in 2000 the Roger D. Perreault Agency.


The Present

The agency is now owned and run by Chris Wilson, son-in-law of C.E. Mason and Tim Wilson, great-great-grandson of C.V.Mason




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