10 Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Jun 13, 2019


10 Swimming Pool Safety Tips for Kids

Top tips for swimming pool safety.  

Regardless of our swimming abilities, many of us beat the summer heat in our backyard swimming pool as the temperatures soar this season. For many of us, having a pool in the backyard is a dream. You don’t have to fight tourists for sun loungers and you get to enjoy the peace of quiet of your own garden. But all swimming pools – from the simplest inflatable wading pool to the more elaborate, luxury, in-ground variety – can present a danger, especially to children. To keep your kids safe this season when swimming, take a look at these tips.
  • Empty wading pools completely after each use. Store them upside down to avoid the collection of rainwater.
  • Install a fence that is at least 4 feet high around the entire pool area with a self-latching gate. Avoid leaving furniture close enough to the fence to allow children to climb over.
  • Cover your pool drain with a safety guard, tie up long hair before swimming, and teach children to stay away from drains and filters.
  • Post emergency numbers and CPR instructions around the pool. And store a first aid kit near the pool area.
  • Consider enrolling all family members in swimming lessons. Even the most basic safety essentials can be forgotten over time, and it’s important that your children know how to swim safely.
  • Consider putting inexperienced swimmers and young children in life vests while in the pool.
  • Always supervised children when they are in or around the pool. If you are having a backyard gathering, designate an adult to watch the children at all times.
  • Adults should never swim alone, either.
  • Keep the pool area clear of glass items, electrical devices, and obstacles that could cause a fall or another injury.
  • Wash your children with soap and shampoo after they come out from the pool to remove chemicals.
The best way to protect your children is by teaching them swimming pool rules and how to alarms others if there is any danger. For all of your personal and commercial insurance policies, contact the team at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut.