Anti-theft Systems for Your Car: Outsmart the Thieves

Dec 08, 2022

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Anti-theft Systems for Your Car

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles are stolen every year, partly due to drivers not taking proactive steps to reduce the odds of theft. Leaving a car unattended while the engine is running allows a stranger to seize the vehicle quickly. If the doors are locked, a thief might break a window and get in before driving away. Here's what you need to know to protect yourself against car theft.

Protecting Your Assets with Anti-Theft Solutions

Anti-theft systems and devices are products installed in a vehicle to reduce the chances of theft. These systems include alarms and remote access controls that can lock doors, windows, and tires. The most sophisticated anti-theft systems make it very challenging for criminals to steal cars to the point they give up quickly.

Types of Anti-Theft Systems

There are two different types of anti-theft systems: active and passive. An active system requires manual effort from the driver, whereas a passive system is automated. An example of an active system is when you press a button on a remote device to lock your car. By contrast, a passive system might involve your key having an RFID chip that instantly verifies your identity without you going through authentication steps.

Options for Anti-Theft Systems

You have a variety of options to choose from for making theft difficult for thieves. The more different strategies you use, the less likely someone will bother wasting time trying to steal your car. A steering wheel lock is a traditional tool for giving thieves headaches. Some locks connect the steering wheel to the dashboard, while others are attached horizontally to the wheel, preventing it from turning.

A tire lock, also known as a boot, is used by law enforcement to place on an illegally parked car or for some other reason in which the owner has failed to meet a responsibility. This lock can also be used by drivers to protect against theft when they park.

Hidden protective devices are central to anti-theft strategies. Keeping a kill switch underneath the dashboard or below the driver's seat is a common practice. A kill switch is an inexpensive device designed to stop the flow of electricity at the ignition switch.

Aside from smart keys, which allow you to lock your car from a distance, GPS trackers are among the most reliable anti-theft protection solutions. If someone steals your car, you will be able to track its geolocation with your smartphone. Another common anti-theft deterrent is installing a loud alarm system that goes off if someone touches or even comes too close to your car.

Tips for Preventing Vehicle Theft

You can prevent your vehicle theft by following these tips:

  • Keep your vehicle locked when it's unattended.
  • Don't let the engine run without someone in the car.
  • Avoid storing valuable belongings inside the car.
  • Park only in a well-lit area at night.

Is Theft Covered by Car Insurance?

Yes, a basic auto insurance policy covers losses from theft. You need to contact your insurance agent to learn more about your policy coverage, though.

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