Are They Covered? Trampolines & Tree Houses Edition

Aug 01, 2016


Are They Covered? Trampolines & Tree Houses Edition

Trampolines and tree houses are a fun time, but what covers you in the event of an accident?

Tree houses and trampolines are a staple of the classic American backyard. And why not? They're fun for any kid (and adult) to play with. But before you let the kids loose, it's important to understand that trampolines and tree houses may not go well with your homeowners insurance because of the obvious safety issues that these things present. Here are coverages you have to look for in your homeowoners insurance policy regarding your trampoline and tree house. No Exclusion: This means that your homeowners insurance policy does not place any restrictions on you owning a trampoline, tree house, or any "attractive nuisance." If your child has their friend come over, and that child suffers and injury while jumping, your home insurance may cover the medical costs. Coverage With Safety Precautions: This means that your home insurance may provide coverage for an attractive nuisance, assuming you have the proper safety precautions set in place. These may include a safety net enclosing the trampoline, or a fenced-in yard. Attractive Nuisance Exclusion: If your policy states that trampolines or tree houses (etc.) are excluded from your homeowners insurance coverage, your policy will not provide any sort of coverage for these claims. In fact, it could also mean that, by adding a trampoline to your house, you may not be able to renew your coverage. Your agent can best help you understand the terms and what these risks means for your home. Before you place fun over coverage, think about what it could mean for the future. Make sure that you have a  homeowners insurance that works hard for you! To get great coverage for your Connecticut home, contact CV Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol today.