Car Insurance: Commute vs. Pleasure Insurance

Feb 21, 2019

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Car Insurance: Commute vs. Pleasure Insurance

How to choose the right class of use for car insurance: Commute vs. Pleasure insurance.

Choosing the right class of use for your car can be confusing, especially if you use your car for multiple reasons. Whether you drive to and fro from work use your car only weekends, or are used to giving lifts to your kids, all these activities form a unique class of use for you! We will help you know the difference between car insurance commute vs. pleasure and enable you to make more informed choices related to the right auto insurance.

Daily Commute

The purpose served by most questions on an auto insurance application form is to help insurers determine your chances of being involved in an accident. The more the miles driven the greater the possibility of your filing a claim for damages. The average work commute takes place at peak times – rush hour. This is the time when the roads are busy, and anxiety is at its peak. These factors make the daily commute more hazardous than pleasure driving. In turn, this may result in a higher insurance premium.

Pleasure Driving

Although it may seem that any miles spent going to work should be part of pleasure driving, this isn’t always the case. If you are a stay-at-home parent, your “commute” may be the miles driven while taking the kids to school or while going to the supermarket. Pleasure driving consists of traveling, visiting friends and family, and using your non-primary car. The precise definition of pleasure driving may vary from insurer to insurer, so discuss any unique situation with your agent. For all of your car insurance needs, contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of auto insurance coverage, all at a price that fits your budget.