Does Your College Student Need Insurance?

Aug 09, 2018


Does Your College Student Need Insurance?

Determine how to set your college student up with quality insurance.  

Parents – you’ve probably already bought electronics, dorm furniture, and numerous textbooks for your kid’s new living space at college. Although you may think you have all the essentials covered, there is one big topic you may have completely forgotten about – insurance. Consider these types of insurance policies to protect your studying student. Renters Insurance Your college kid goes off to college with a lot of supplies. From new electronics, TVs, laptops, and more, you want to be sure that these items are protected if they are damaged or stolen. If your child is living in college dorms, most likely your homeowners insurance will provide protection for their belongings while away from home (but check with your insurer). If he/she is living outside of dorms, renters insurance is a must! Car Insurance If you send your dependent child to college with a car, he or she should be able to remain on your existing family policy. However, if your child is going out of state, it’s important to let your insurer know that. It may change rates a little, but it’s important to keep your child safe. If your child isn’t covered under a family policy, they will need to purchase their own car insurance policy. Health Insurance Although your child may feel invincible, they are not. If your child is under 26 and on your health care plan, you may want to consider alternative coverage if he or she is attending school out of state and can’t find any in-network providers. They can seek coverage independently through the health insurance marketplace, which may be the most affordable option. Better yet, if he or she has an auto and renters insurance policy, opt to bundle coverages with the same insurer for a discount. With the right insurance in place, your college student is ready to take on the world! For more information on hassle-free policies, contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency today. We can help find the right coverage for your child’s needs.