Fix These Home Issues Before They Become Major

Nov 28, 2016


Fix These Home Issues Before They Become Major

Taking care of home issues while they are slow will save your home before they become big and expensive. 

Your home should be a place where you are always comfortable, and that's why you like to keep it neat and tidy. No matter how well maintained you keep your home, you will almost certainly get blind-sided by an unexpected breakdown. Here are some things you need to take care of now before they become major problems for your home and your wallet. Home Issues to Fix Before They Become a Problem
  1. Your Refrigerator's Coils The coils of your fridge are what keep your food fresh and cold. They can quickly attract dust and debris, which can interfere with their performance. If coils get dirty enough to block air exchange, they can interfere with performance and eventually cause the fridge to malfunction–which can be pretty expensive to replace.
  2. Clean the Dryer Filter When you dry your clothes, your dryer catches all the lint and dust from your clothes. If you don't remove them and let them accumulate, they can easily catch fire and wreak havoc on your home. Dryer fires occur about 15,600 times each year!
  3. Replace Washer Hoses Your washer transports hundreds of gallons of water each year and that can cause them to undergo a lot of stress. Inspect your hoses and make sure everything is connected properly to avoid the flooding of your home.
Floods and fridge malfunction are not typically covered under your home insurance policy. Fires, on the other hand, are covered under a general home insurance policy and that's why you need a quality policy. You need the proper homeowners insurance policy in case a covered disaster were to strike your home. To get excellent coverage for your Connecticut home, contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol today.