Home Insurance-Friendly Ways to Remodel Your Property

Mar 25, 2021


Home Insurance-Friendly Ways to Remodel Your Property

Renovations that can positively impact your home insurance.

When you're considering renovating your property, no matter how minor or major the improvements, you'll want to consider how your home insurance will be impacted. Working on your house changes its value and risks, meaning your insurance premium could go up or down. If you're looking for some insurance-friendly ways to remodel, read on.

 A New Roof

A new roof may not be the most exciting renovation but it is sure to earn you a lower home insurance premium. If you're located in a particularly exposed or windy area, you could be looking at a significant discount on your premium. Since a roof is the home's first line of defense against weather, home insurers look at the age and condition of a roof when determining home insurance premiums.

 Improving/Adding Locks

Installing high-quality, functioning locks is a great way to make your home safer and earn a discount on your home insurance. Ramp up your security with deadbolts, smart locks, and any other home safety devices you can find. 

Replacing Outdated Electrical Systems

If your renovation includes updating outdated electric and plumbing systems, then you could find a lower home insurance rate. Old systems can be at risk of fire and flooding, which means replacing these systems with new and improved ones reduced your risk of disaster.

Remodeling Windows

If you live in a disaster-prone area, installing storm shutters and shatterproof windows is a great way to protect your home and earn a discount on your home insurance premium.

Installing Fence

Features like pools, hot tubs, swings, and trampolines may increase potential liability lawsuits. Installing a fence around your property will reduce potential risk and help offset your home insurance premium.

Replacing HVAC System

Outdated HVAC systems are considered an electric hazard. Therefore, replacing your older HVAC system with a new one can help you find a lower home insurance rate.

Install a Generator

A power outage can cause:

  • The sump pump to stop working, leading to basement flooding and related losses.
  • Burglar and fire alarms to fail, keeping you from taking preventative measures against fire or theft-related incidents. 
  • The heater to stop working, resulting in frozen pipes and water damage.

However, installing a generator will ensure that your home systems and appliances run even during a power outage, reducing these risks and thereby decreasing your insurance premium.

Smart Upgrades

Installing a sophisticated sprinkler system, smoke detectors, and fire and burglar alarms will reduce fire and theft-related risks and help you get a discount on your home insurance premium.

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