How To Stop Your Car From Overheating This Summer

Jun 28, 2018

Auto Ins

How To Stop Your Car From Overheating This Summer

Tips to avoid your car from overheating.

The summer months may be filled with plenty of fun and frolics, but during periods of hot weather your vehicle is at an increased risk of breakdown. Unfortunately, overheating is a common issue and the leading cause of hot weather breakdowns, alongside convertible roof malfunctions, air conditioning problems, and lost keys. To help prevent your car from getting too hot during summer, check out these tips. Check your oil and coolant levels regularly. Your engine oil and coolant play vital roles in keeping heat levels within your engine system manageable. Checking your oil only takes a few minutes but it could save you hundreds of dollars in vehicle repairs and recovery. Coolant is another fluid that is critical as it keeps engine temperatures stable even in hot climates. Check the level periodically to ensure you have a sufficient amount. Clear your radiator. A few leaves and bit of debris can build up. This kind of dirt, when piled in front of your radiator, can block the airflow through the cooling system and cause big problems. Be sure to clean this area out often. Check your drive belt. In essence, your drive belt drives everything, including the water pump for your alternator. If the drive belt breaks, there’s no water pump, no coolant circulation, and your engine will overheat almost immediately. Ask your mechanic to check for signs of wear and cracking. For all of your car insurance needs, contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of auto insurance coverage, all at the right price to fit your budget.