It’s National Wellness Month! Use These Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing

Aug 15, 2019


It’s National Wellness Month! Use These Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing

Practical steps to better your wellbeing. 

August is National Wellness Month, which means it’s a great opportunity for you to consider your wellbeing. The key to happiness may be elusive, but taking advantage of a few simple strategies can do a great deal to improve your everyday feelings of wellbeing. Here are just a few you can try this month! Connect with others around you Research shows the importance of social support and relationships to an individual’s mental health and happiness. Although this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and find twenty new friends, choose to connect with three close friends this month. The best social relationships in terms of wellbeing are ones in which other people are supportive and encouraging. Be active We all know that there are countless benefits to an active lifestyle, and mental health is one of them. Researchers believe that physical activity can protect against some of the ills that can befall people in later life including cognitive decline, but it can also reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. This month, take up a new exercise class or squeeze in another gym session – your mental health will benefit! Live in the present Mental health tends to be challenged when we get sucked into dwelling about the past or worrying about the future. Living in the present can be as simple as being mindful of our thoughts and knowing when to let go of them. In this case, meditation can be particularly useful to calm the mind. We hope that these tips encourage you to pay attention to your wellbeing this month. For all of your commercial and personal insurance needs, contact the professionals at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut!