Protect Your Holiday Gifts This Season

Dec 10, 2020


Protect Your Holiday Gifts This Season
The festive season is here, and many of us are buying gifts and wrapping them up for the big day. While there’s nothing quite like the holiday season, it is often rife with house crime. Burglars take this opportunity to raid homes and steal the expensive gifts from underneath the tree. However, you don’t have to let the criminals run off with all your new presents. Ensure that your belongings are well protected under your home insurance in Connecticut, CT so that your holiday gifts are safe and sound this season.   Improve Home Security to Protect Holiday Presents  
  1. Make your home appear occupied
Most thieves are opportunistic. They may wander into a neighborhood looking for houses that seem undefended and unoccupied. That means that making your home look occupied at all times should be your priority.
  • Keep the lights on timers when you are away to make it look like someone is home turning them on and off.
  • Turn down the volume of the house phone so that no one can hear it go unanswered when it rings.
  • Place a car in the garage or driveway.
  • Ask a neighbor or friend to pick up mail and newspapers from the drive if you are going out of town for a while.
  1. Install an alarm system
Alarm systems are sure ways of alerting you to a burglars’ presence. Although they offer little in the way of physical obstacles to thieves, they offer an important psychological one, instead.
  • An alarm increases the odds that the thief will get caught. Even in areas of slow police response times, the noise and attention of an alarm will likely dissuade the burglar from finishing their mission.
  • The cost of alarm systems varies widely. A burglar can easily disable some of the simpler detection devices. The more complex and unfamiliar the array of devices, the more likely the burglar is to trigger the alarm or give up trying to disable it.
  • The response time to alarms is driven by the effectiveness of the monitoring service you’re using.
  1. Update your home inventory
It’s essential that you add your new gifts to your home inventory. A home inventory is a list of your belongings and their value. Not only is this important to ensure you have the right amount of home insurance coverage for your possessions, but it can help if you are the victim of burglary.
  • Photographs of especially valuable items like artwork and antiques can help the police recover goods.
  • A list of belongings and their values will also help expedite dealing with insurance agents if you need to file a claim.
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