Questions to Ask Before You Buy Boat Insurance

May 03, 2018

Boat Insurance

Questions to Ask Before You Buy Boat Insurance

What to consider when purchasing boat insurance.  

Now that the better weather is here, boat owners are getting their boats ready for the first sailing of the season. It’s important to remember that before you head out on the water, it’s wise to review your boat insurance coverage. If you’re shopping boat insurance, you may not know where to begin. Boat insurance is necessary since a boat is a significant investment and the risk of damage is possible. To help you secure the right coverage for your needs, ask yourself these questions. Who will be driving the boat? Just like with auto insurance, the insurance company will want to know who will be driving the boat. They will look into both car driving and boating history on anyone who will be operating your boat. If you’re an experienced boater with a good, clean record, you may find you’re entitled to discounts on your policy. Which months will the boat be in use? If you own a large boat, the insurer may require a lay-up period. This means the boat will be out of active service for specific months, for example, from October to May. If you’re going to put the boat in the water during this time, you may need to call your insurer and arrange coverage. Where will you be traveling? It’s likely that your insurance policy will have limits on how far away from the coast your boat travels. If you are looking to take a special trip far away, check with your policy to ensure you’re covered for your extended navigation. Once you’ve determined these factors, you can specify your insurance policy needs. Contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut for reliable boat insurance. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of coverage, all at the right price to fit your budget.