How to Stay Safe When Driving on Roads This Fall

Oct 18, 2018

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How to Stay Safe When Driving on Roads This Fall

Safety Tips for Fall Driving

Fall brings a few of our favorite things: football, pumpkin pies, hot apple cider, thick sweaters, and the start of the holiday season. Yet, for drivers, fall brings unique risks on the roads. As daylight fades faster and falling leaves creates a slick driving surface, how can you stay safe on the road this fall? These tips, paired with reliable auto insurance in Bristol, CT helps to keep your drive a safe one. Schools back in session. Fall means that everyone is back at school. It’s worthwhile keeping a sharp eye out for extra traffic and checking your mirrors and blind spots before making any moves on the road. It’s also good to remember that you need to be mindful of more than just other vehicles – pedestrians and children walking to and from school will be out and about. Watch out for leaves. The falling leaves are pretty to look at, but they can be hazardous for drivers. Fallen leaves not only obscure road lines and other markings, but wet leaves make the road surface slick. Leaves can increase your stopping distance, so be sure to leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the car in front. Drive in the dark safely. As the days get shorter, we find ourselves driving to and from work in the dark. Even in the dark, familiar roads can appear different. Be sure to turn on your car’s lights so that you can see and can be seen, and slow down in you cannot make out the road markings in front of you. Keep an eye out for animals. Autumn is deer mating season, meaning that many deer are actively roaming. Aim to avoid encounters with these animals at all costs, making sure to slow down in wooded areas. If you see one, be alert for others since they run in small herds. It’s also good practice to alert oncoming drivers of any potential hazards by putting your hazard lights on briefly. Slow down in rain storms. Rain often comes after a long, dry summer that has allowed oil to build up on the roads. As we know, oil and water do not mix. When it does rain, the surface of the road can get extremely slippery and dangerous, especially during and right after the rainfall. Increase your stopping distance, slow down, and avoid hard braking for a better chance of staying safe. Along with safe driving habits this autumn, protect yourself on the road with quality auto insurance. Talk to the experts at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut to get your tailored policy