Simple Tips to Stay Safe on Your Thanksgiving Drive

Nov 15, 2018

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Simple Tips to Stay Safe on Your Thanksgiving Drive

Road Safety Tips for the Holiday Season 

With all the bright lights, food, festivities, friends, family, and fun during Thanksgiving, it’s easy to become complacent or forget the importance of safe driving. If you’re going to be driving to your Thanksgiving destination, it’s a good idea to read through these Thanksgiving road safety tips beforehand. With a little safety, preparedness, and the right auto insurance in Bristol, Connecticut, you have a better chance of a smooth and safe journey.
  • If you have extra vacation time, this holiday might be a great time to take it! Avoid traveling during peak times (Wednesday through Sunday). Take an extra day off to drive to your destination before everyone else hits the roads.
  • Take your vehicle in for a check up before you leave. The tires, brakes, battery, windshield wipers, and lights should be in good working condition. Ask the mechanic to top up the fluids, too.
  • Get plenty of rest before you leave. Drivers should be well-rested and take regular breaks from driving to keep their minds alert and body flexible.
  • Avoid distracted driving at all costs. Never use your phone while driving, set your navigation system up before turning on the engine, and avoid fiddling with the radio. If you do need to send a text or answer a call, always pull over safely to the side of the road.
  • Never drink and drive. If you are planning on enjoying a Thanksgiving drink, ensure you have a designated driver or a safe way to get home.
  • Maintain a safe following distance. There will be more cars on the roads, but that doesn’t mean you can tailgate. Allow at least a three-second gap between you and the car in front. If the road conditions are poor, leave more room.
  • Be patient. The roads will be filled with drivers who, just like you, want to get to their destination quickly. Remember that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all the good things – like having the privilege of driving.
These tips can help to keep you safe on your Thanksgiving drive! For all of your car insurance needs, contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of auto insurance coverage, all at the right price to fit your budget.