Storing your Summer Toys for Winter

Oct 26, 2017

Motorcycle ins

Storing your Summer Toys for Winter

Don’t let winter catch you by surprise; get your boat, motorcycle, RV, and other summer toys ready for storage today.

When the temperatures drop, you know that summer has finally come to an end.  This means that it’s also time to prepare summer toys like boats, motorcycles, and RVs for winter storage.  This fall, get ahead of the game by learning how to prepare your vehicles for winter storage today. Cleaning and Maintenance Before you can store your summer toys for the winter, they should be cleaned thoroughly.  Clean both the interior and exterior of your vehicles and flag any issues that might need repairs.  These damages should be fixed before your summer toys go into storage.  Once you’ve cleaned and made repairs, then there are a couple of maintenance steps you should take.  For starters, make sure you remove any water from the engine or plumbing systems of your boat and RV.  If this water is left to sit it could damage your vehicles.  If there is any fuel left in your summer toys, make sure you add some fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.  Without stabilizer, any remaining fuel could corrode your engine as it sits in storage.  Finally, check to make sure the tires on your vehicles are in good shape.  Repair or replace them as necessary; you want your summer toys to be ready to use as soon as you remove them from storage next year. Choosing the Right Storage Facility If you cannot store your summer toys on your own property, then you should look into using a storage facility.  Try to find a facility that has experience storing vehicles similar to yours and make sure that the facility offers adequate security measures.  You should also take a tour of the premises and look to make sure the units are dry and heated.  Finally, look for a storage facility that lets you rent space by the month.  This way you only have to pay for storage when you need it. Use this information to prepare your summer toys for winter storage.  Remember, another way to make sure your summer toys are protected while in storage is to have the right, year-round coverage.  To find the best policy to fit your needs, contact the experts at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut.  Our dedicated team can help you get covered today!