The Three-Second Driving Rule

Oct 10, 2016


The Three-Second Driving Rule

Do you know about the three-second driving rule? It could end up saving your life. 

Driving is an extremely dangerous activity that millions of Americans partake in every single day, and millions take for granted. Every person thinks they're a good driver, while everyone else is just terrible. It doesn't take a mathematician to see that this does not add up. Either everyone is good, or everyone is terrible. Seeing as how there are more than 5 million accidents per year, logic finds the latter to be true: everyone is a terrible driver. One rule that can help you become better than terrible is the three-second rule.

Humans have slow reaction times. When the car in front of us brakes, your car will travel for another 1.5 seconds before the brakes are applied. Depending on your speed, your car can easily clear an entire football field in just over seconds. You then have to factor in how long it will take your car to slow down to avoid hitting the car in front of you, and without the proper space, it could mean a nasty collision for you and other drivers. This is where the three-second driving could save your car, your life, and your insurance rates. By having a three seconds buffer of space between you, you'll be able to react, apply the brakes, and come to a stop before crashing.

How to Apply the Three-Second Driving Rule

Find a landmark. It can be a sign, a rock, a tree anything.

Start counting. As soon as the car in front of you reaches that landmark, start counting. One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi, three-Mississippi. If you can't reach three-Mississippi before you cross this landmark, you need to slow down. Three seconds may not be enough time; the faster you travel, the longer it will take to brake.

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