Tips for an Organized and Low-Stress School Year

Sep 12, 2016


Tips for an Organized and Low-Stress School Year

The best way to start your school year is by being organized from day 1, and now, with these organizational tips, you can do just that.

It’s a brand new school year, and the best way to start the year is by being organized. The best way to be organized is by having an organized home and set you and your incredible children up for success in life and in school. Start the school year off right with these back-to-school organization tips.
  1. Homework Station: Designate a homework station where the kids are free from distractions and can focus to get work done.
  2. Organizing Papers: Each subject deserves its own binder and folder. Your kid can then separate homework papers from school work and study material papers.
  3. School Supplies Container: Set up a caddy with extra school supplies (e.g. pens, pencils, markers, papers, rulers, protractors, and anything else they may need). That way if they lose something at school, they can easily replace it at home.
  4. Prepare for School Projects: Stressing over a project the night before is a good way to fail a project. Stock up on project supplies during the back-to-school sales.
  5. Backpack Parking Lot: Instead of having backpacks all over the place, hang hooks near the front door where kids can place their backpacks as soon as they get home.
  6. Lunch Money: Make their lunch time easier by turning black envelopes into lunch money envelopes.
  7. Weekday Outfits: Instead of scrambling around trying to find the clothes they are going to wear in the morning, prepare the outfit the night before.
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