Tips to Avoid Hitting Animals on the Road

Apr 07, 2016


Tips to Avoid Hitting Animals on the Road

Take these tips into consideration to avoid hitting our furry friends.

An estimated 1.25 million claims were reported in the past year from collisions with deer, elk, or moose. There’s no way to keep these large animals off the roads and highways. In fact, deer have been walking around these parts for millions of years; long before modern humans even existed. We have to learn to share this planet, and part of that learning is knowing that there will be animals on the roads. While there’s no foolproof method of avoiding animals, there are some actions you can take to reduce your chances of collision. 1. Using headlights Use your high-beams when driving at night on those empty roads with no street lamps. Deer tend to fixate on headlights (as we’ve seen in countless cartoons), but flickering your brights may cause them to scurry away. 2. Stay alert Pay attention to “Deer Crossing” signs when they’re on the road—they are there for a reason! Be especially watchful near forests and bodies of water. Be vigilant during peak deer season as hunters and mating force them to go onto the roads. 3. Brake as necessary If you think you can avoid hitting the animal, tap your brakes and sound your horn; this will frighten the deer and alert other drivers behind that you that something’s up. If there are no drivers behind you, slam the brakes. NOTE: Braking could actually make the collision worse. As you break, the front end of the car is lowered, and could actually force the animal onto your windshield causing it to break and hit you. So if you estimate there’s not enough time, it’s better to accelerate—forcing the front end up, and forcing the animal under your car. 4. Don’t swerve Swerving onto oncoming traffic, or into a ditch could end up costing you more than a standard fender bender. The animal’s life—while beautiful—is not worth your own. Being vigilant, is always best. For all of your car coverage needs to keep all of your vehicles protected, contact CV Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of coverage, all at the right price to fit your budget.