Top Ways to Beat the January Blues

Jan 09, 2020


Top Ways to Beat the January Blues

Battle the winter blues with these helpful tips.

  The festive season is over and the bleak winter is here. Many of us feel like hibernating until spring arrives, but there are ways we can make the most of the season without feeling blue. Take a look at these useful tips that can help you banish the winter blues!   Make plans In December, we had the holidays to look forward to. In January, there’s little going on that we can get excited about. A great way to beat feeling blue is to make plans and have something to look forward to. Booking a vacation can make you anticipate the future positively rather than dwell upon the past. If a summer vacation feels too far away, make plans to catch up with a friend over a coffee, book tickets to the theatre, or plan a day out somewhere new.   Stay active Exercise not only helps our physical body, but our mental state, too. Exercise can have a mood-lifting effect that is as good as taking antidepressant medication. This year, find an exercise you love to do, whether it’s taking a new spin class, running outside, or hitting the gym.   Eat smart What we eat can directly impact how we feel. Make sure you eat well rather than adopting unhealthy eating and drinking habits. After giving you an initial glucose surge, lots of sugary snacks and fast food can leave you feeling low in energy. Instead, fill up on fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and plenty of water.   Taking care of your health is important – throughout the entire year! Work with a trusted life insurance expert that can help you find and secure reliable coverage. For more information on how you can get the correct amount of life insurance coverage for your needs, contact the Bristol team at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency.