Treat Tricks for a Better Halloween

Oct 23, 2016


Treat Tricks for a Better Halloween

Halloween is a great time to teach your children how to enjoy candy.

Halloween is a great holiday where we dress up as our favorite heroes and villains and enjoy hanging out with friends and family. As children, we used to go door-to-door with our friends and collect as much candy as possible before the night ended. Then we'd empty our pillowcases and stuff our faces with so much candy we'd usually end the night hugging the toilet. The tradition lives on today, and it's up to us to ensure our children don't end up with an upset stomach.

Here are some trick-or-treat tricks to help your children stay somewhat healthy on Halloween night.

Say Yes to Candy (At Least, Some of It)

Moderation is good. Research shows that not allowing candy can lead to rebellious behavior and encourage children to develop unhealthy relationships with candy and chocolate. Halloween is a great time to teach your children how candy can be enjoyed now and then. Another concept that can be taught is delayed gratification. By having them eat only a few chocolates a day, they can have more chocolate for longer. If they plan accordingly, they can have chocolates well into December!

Small Portions for Small Stomachs

Children don't know what their digestive systems can handle. If given a chance, they'll eat as many sweets as they want and, with an overload of sugar, have an upset stomach all night. Our bodies are pretty good at creating insulin to battle sugar intake, but we are not meant to handle the plethora of sugar inserted into our bodies when we eat candy. Biologically, our bodies believe it is being poisoned and go into panic mode. Be sure to limit how much sugar they are putting in their bodies.

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