Want Lower Car Insurance Premiums? Choose Your Next Car Carefully

Jul 26, 2018

Auto Ins

Want Lower Car Insurance Premiums? Choose Your Next Car Carefully

Save money on insurance by selecting a safe car.  

Although many factors go into determining an auto insurance premium, there are a few significant factors that bear more weight than the rest. If you’re shopping for auto insurance, you will know that your age, driving history, location, and more will impact your monthly premium. What many motorists overlook is the vehicle itself. Auto insurers tend to reward safer and more affordable cars with lower rates. When you’re shopping for your next car, keep these factors in mind. Safety Although safety may not be your main concern when looking around the car dealership, it should be. Do your research and check out the safety test ratings for the vehicles you like the look of. You may be surprised at how well – or how poorly – they do in crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a great place to start.  Popularity When you’re considering a new car, find out how popular that model is with people in the car-stealing business. Even relatively modest cars can be high on the most-stolen list simply because it is filled with parts that can be sold for serious money. If you have chosen a vehicle that is frequently targeted by thieves, insurers are likely to factor that risk into your premium. Age Even if you’ve found a bargain vehicle, you may not be saving much money when it comes to insuring it. Just because a car is older doesn’t mean that it will be cheap to insure. In fact, many older vehicles lack the basic safety features that newer cars boast. In addition, older cars tend to develop problems more often, raising the risk of accidents.  For all of your car insurance needs, contact C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Bristol, Connecticut. We will work with you to ensure you have the right amount of auto insurance coverage, all at the right price to fit your budget.