What Invalidates My Home Insurance?

Feb 06, 2020


What Invalidates My Home Insurance?

Understand how you could render your home insurance invalid.

  From your prized possessions to your loved ones, your home holds everything you value most. That’s why you have home insurance in place – to protect it when you need help the most. To make sure you’re not left exposed, we’ve put together a list of situations which could result in your policy being invalidated. Most of these situations are unknown to homeowners, so it pays to make sure you keep within the terms of your home insurance.  
  • Leaving your home unoccupied
Your policy will come with a limit on the number of days your home can be left unoccupied during your policy term. If you plan on exceeding this number, you will need to let your home insurer know. What’s more, if you do take extended periods of time away from the home, you will need to ensure it is locked up and left in good condition. For example, failing to keep the home heated could result in burst pipes followed by a leak or even a flood in the home.  
  • Not letting your insurer known when something changes
Made minor updates to the kitchen? Revamped the bathroom? Added a trampoline in the back yard? Although you may think nothing of these changes, you should let your insurer know. Altering the value or risk associated with the house will require a closer look at your home insurance coverage. Failing to notify your insurer of changes could mean that they are unable to pay your claim.  
  • Using your home for business
Have you recently started your own business from home? Even if it’s a one-person show, your hard work and investment require protection. Your business property may not be covered under your home insurance policy. If anything were to happen, such as a fire, that would mean your business would be out of pocket to replace the damaged items. Fortunately, talking to your insurer means that you’re able to secure your home and business property easily.   Having the right home insurance and sticking to the terms and conditions helps to protect your property. Talk to the professionals at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency to get started on your tailored coverage today.