Will My Car Insurance Policy Pay for Repairs?

Aug 12, 2021

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Will My Car Insurance Policy Pay for Repairs?

Comprehensive and collision policies are great options to maximize your auto coverage in Connecticut. Even so, does your car insurance in Plainville, CT, cover repairs? These policies can pay to fix your vehicle if a covered hazard like theft, fire, or vandalism caused the damage. However, your car insurance policy won't usually cover general wear and tear or mechanical faults. Learn more about maximizing your auto insurance protections below.

Auto Insurance When Your Car Breaks down

When you own a car, you'll need to change the vehicle's oil periodically as part of general maintenance. It doesn't happen all the time, but issues like mechanical failure or engine damage may come up too. Chances are that you and not your auto insurance policy will pay for these and other regular car maintenance expenses.   

What About Damage in an Auto Accident?

The risk of crashing into another car or object is the reason for carrying collision coverage. As such, the policy can pay to fix car damage if you hit a post, tree, or some other structure like a wall. If the car is totaled and you need it replaced, your insurance can cover the cost of buying another of the same cash value. Both comprehensive and collision insurance coverages are generally optional in Connecticut except for leased or financed automobiles.

Will Car Insurance Pay for Non-Accident Repairs?

Comprehensive insurance can pay for repairs in case your car is damaged by falling trees or other objects, vandalism, fire, and natural disasters.

Auto Insurance Doesn't Cover a Rental If  Your Car Breaks Down

If you need to rent a car after the one you're driving breaks down, you have to pay for it out of pocket. However, when you have rental reimbursement coverage, the policy will pay for the cost of renting another car. It can also cover your bus or train fare.

How to Maximize Your Auto Insurance Coverage

You can minimize the cost of repairing your car out of pocket by exploring additional protections besides your auto insurance policy. Some practical additional protections include:

  • Car warranty-When you buy a new car, you'll likely get a warranty that guarantees free service for specified mechanical issues. Such warranties can cover expensive auto repairs for a specific duration of time or within a specified mileage.
  • Roadside assistance-This option can provide great convenience if your car breaks down or is damaged in a crash. Features of such programs include towing your car or jump-starting dead batteries. When you're stuck in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tire, road assistance may provide a timely replacement too. Therefore, consider joining such a program as part of your car insurance coverage.

Keep in mind that car insurance for repair pays for a covered claim up to a certain limit. Plus, when you file a claim, you'll have to pay the required deductible out of pocket before the policy kicks in. These policies may be optional, but having them gives you appreciable levels of financial protection and peace of mind when you're on the road.

Auto insurance policies don't typically cover routine maintenance, such as engine issues or part replacements. However, having comprehensive and collision car insurance in Plainville, CT, ensures you're covered if your car is damaged in an event like hail or a crash. For all your auto coverage needs, contact the professionals at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency in Connecticut today. We are happy to help you select a suitable policy to drive with peace of mind.