How to Winterize Your Car

Dec 05, 2016

Auto Ins

How to Winterize Your Car

As winter rolls around it's going to be important to prepare your car for the freezing temperatures of winter. 

Winter is coming. If you haven't prepared your vehicle for the punishing weather of winter, you still have time. Winter conditions can be hazardous due to the snow that falls and the ice that forms on the road. It's important that your car is up for the challenge of driving in these new conditions. It is highly recommended that you winterize your car either before or early in the winter to make sure you can handle the dangerous road conditions. Here are a few tips to help you winterize your home.
  1. Winter Tires If you live in a place that experiences snow and freezing temperatures, you should install the right winter tires. The snow and ice make it difficult for your regular summer tires to get any traction. Winter tires are specially made to get traction in these low-friction surfaces.
  2. Service Your Vehicle All of the slush and salt on the roads can damage your car. Make sure to take to a mechanic to maintain it and tell them to check the fluid levels.
  3. Maintain Tire Pressure As everyone in the New England area now knows: temperature and pressure are directly linked. Low temperature brings about low pressure just as high temperature creates high pressure. It's called the ideal gas law. It applies to the atmosphere, tires, and even footballs. As the temperature drops, your tires may lose pressure so make sure to refer to the owner's manual to discover your car's optimal tire psi.
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