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Get an anchor during unforeseen troubles.

If you’ve spent time on the water, you know that it can be serene one day and severe the next. A volatile weather pattern can transform a relaxing cruise into a nightmarish scenario. Don’t let a boating accident put your financial future at risk! Get a boat insurance policy so you can continue to see your time on the water as peaceful, not problematic.

Not sure if you need coverage? People considering boat insurance in CT and throughout the Northeast often ask if they really need insurance if they only use their vessels seasonally. Our answer is: absolutely! Even out of the water, your boat could get damaged. Investing in a boat insurance policy is quite a bit more affordable than investing in a new boat, after all!

At C.V. Mason Insurance Agency , we’ve protected the residents of Bristol from boating accidents since 1883. We know our area and the waters in it. We can help you get boat insurance that will more than pay for itself in peace of mind and dollars and cents.