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Protect the hard work you do to maintain your condo or homeowners association.

Condo and homeowners associations are responsible for a lot. They keep the streets, neighborhood pools, parks, and community buildings clean and safe. This is a job that requires hard work, and it’s troubling to think that all of that work can be undone without a moment’s notice. Fortunately, with condo and homeowners association insurance from C.V. Mason Insurance Agency, you have the help that you need to avoid a number of the most common problems that your community could face.

Your association could be held responsible for any accident that takes place on its property. Without the right insurance, you could face overwhelming legal and financial complications.

Your policy won’t just protect your liability. It offers broad coverage where you need it most. It can cover:

The team at C.V. Mason Insurance Agency is passionate about helping you find the best condo and homeowners association insurance coverage at the lowest cost available. Get the advantage of working with agents who are experts at helping associations just like yours; call us today!